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Dear friends of The Crown at Northill.


Throughout the last year customers and staff have continued to amaze me with how quickly they have been able to adapt to new changes and challenges thrown our way. I, like many of us, will be delighted to see things resume as normal across England in the next week or so and we will be thrilled to see you all in a more relaxed environment.


As we look forward to next week, I would like to remind you that our highest priority is the safety of our customers and staff. Although we are heading in the right direction, we are very much aware that this is a marathon not a sprint.


To ensure life seems as ‘normal’ as possible, we will be making the wearing of facemasks optional to both customers and staff.


Both social distancing and the rule of six will be relaxed, along with the mixing of households. Hand sanitiser will still be available and the “Track and Trace” app will be available to scan. We will no longer ask you do this but appreciate that you will.


We will still meet you on arrival and table service will continue inside and outside, there will not be any seating at the bar.


We appreciate that with the uncertainty of the last year that all guests will be returning to ‘normality’ at their own pace, so we would greatly appreciate if you could be as considerate as possible to other customers and our staff with their personal choices.


We will review our current measures on a monthly basis.


Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Kindest Regards



Welcome back on Tuesday 13th April

Hello everyone, we hope you are all safe and well. As we open our outside doors again on Tuesday 13th April, we so very much look forward to welcoming all our lovely customers back. Our opening times remain as before (Tuesday to Sunday.) Adrian has been busy and working so hard in transforming the patio area. We are not quite ready as we are waiting for some new furniture and we will add some planting, but the picture will give you an idea as to how it feels so different.
We welcome your bookings from 13th April, we will have some seating under cover and know it will be challenging, we just ask, if you make a booking and then cannot make it, please let us know, so that we may offer the table to someone else.
Please call 01767 627337 or email to make a booking. Thank you.

Boxing Day Menu 2020

Boxing Day menu 2020

Opening again 3rd December 2020 !

Hello, it has only been a month, but it feels so much longer. We look forward to opening our doors again this coming Thursday 3rd December at 12pm. The Christmas trees are up and we have been working hard to ensure the pub looks and feels at it’s best. We will of course be working within the new restrictions and we do please ask that if you are planning to visit us, that you make a reservation. It will really help us to plan on such a reduced team.
Our temporary opening times will be Wednesday to Friday 12pm-3pm and 5.30pm-10pm, Saturday 12pm-10pm, serving food all day and Sunday 12pm-6pm with last orders for food at 4pm. This will be reviewed in line with the Tier rules.
We thank you for your continued support and can’t wait to welcome you back. Email or call 01767 627337 to make a reservation. Many thanks Adrian and Victoria

Take Away Menu

Take Away November 2020

Autumn Offer

Take Away Service

We are also offering the menu to take away Tuesday to Saturday 12-2pm and 6-8pm. Please call 01767 627337 an hour before you would like to collect. 01767 627337

Opening Times from 4th July

We plan to open on 4th July at 12pm

Dear all our customers.

We have spent the last few months painting, cleaning and gardening, the pub has a really fresh feel to it

Things will look and feel very different for a white but we are delighted to be opening on Saturday 4th July, we hope you will bear with us while we navigate the changes and work with us with the measures we are putting in place.

All guests will have to be seated at tables, all bar stools have been removed.

We ask that bookings are made in advance please as we need all contact details from our guests, we also have to ask how many households make up the table as there are certain rules we have to adhere to.

We will also be closing on a Monday for the time being, the menu will be slightly limited to start with and all our staff will be fully trained before returning to work.

Please see our risk assessment below.

Crown RA

We look forward to welcoming you back to The Crown and seeing your friendly faces

Warmest Wishes

Adrian and Victoria




Name of Premises & Location: The Crown, Northill, 2 Ickwell Road, Northill, Beds. SG18 9AA


Activity:                     Protection against Covid-19


As of today, when the PM announced we can reopen on 4th July 2020, we have introduced new measures with which to open.


All customers will be asked to book a table, any chance bookings will be asked for contact details


Contactless payment will be encouraged


PPE will be made available


A system of drop tables will be introduced to minimize contact with customers / inside food will be dropped on the bar areas for

customers to collect


A buddy system of teams of staff will be put in place to ensure minimum contact with multimale amounts of different people


All cutlery will be individually wrapped


All condiments are pre packed


No tables will be pre laid, all sauces etc will be taken with meals


Only two people will be allowed the kitchen at any one time, with social distancing of one meter plus


The shift will consist of one team member working on the bar, one taking orders, payment and using the phone,

one taking food out and clearing tables and one marshaling the area.


Not more than one person will be allowed in the wash up area at any one time


Everyone will be asked to hand sanitize on entering the pub


Please see our full risk assessment below







Potential hazards:     Infection & illness


  1. Coronavirus infection is acquired by 2 principle routes – Whilst Coronavirus symptoms are often mild, it can cause acute illness & in some individuals death. Infection is acquired by 2 principle routes:


  1. Airborne droplets carrying the virus which have been exhaled by an infected person. The risk is greatest when a person is displaying symptoms, but not all infected persons have symptoms. Coughs & sneezes increase infection risk. The virus can enter another person via mouth, nostrils or eyes.
  2. Contamination of hands from touching a surface contaminated with virus particles (because an infected person has coughed or sneezed over it, or passed on the germs with their hands) & then touching your own face (mouth, nostrils, eyes) with your contaminated hands.


  1. Protect yourself from infection in 2 principle ways – Assume everyone is infected:


  1. SAFE SOCIALISING – Social distancing – as far as possible, keep the minimum distance of one metre plus advocated by government from all other people. This will reduce risk that you inhale airborne virus particles from an infected person.
  2. WASH HANDS REGULARLY. Ensure all team members wash hands frequently & vigorously using soap and water for 20 seconds in which they have been trained. They should avoid touching their face. This should be monitored throughout & take teams to task when not employed. Regular reminders will help employees adopt this safe behaviour.




  1. Looking after your team – Effective precautions must be employed which will significantly reduce transmission of the virus between people


  1. All team members must complete in house Coronavirus Training before returning to work & on recruitment. This will make them aware of the controls within this RA (Risk Assessment). No team members may work unless they have completed the training.
  2. Should a team member develop symptoms whilst at work, they should be sent home immediately to self-isolate and remain isolated for 14 days minimum.


  1. Keep virus out of the building – The Virus will only enter the building with another human. Either because they are infected or carry the virus on their hands. It is unlikely to be on stock delivered to the pub/restaurant.


  1. Display a conspicuous sign that persons can read before entering the building, instructing persons with Covid-19 symptoms not to enter the building.
  2. Brief team members not to come to work if they have symptoms, or have had symptoms in last 7 days OR someone in their household has had symptoms in previous 14 days.
  3. Before each team member starts a shift, take their temperature. If above 37.8C, that individual must immediately return home & self-isolate.
  4. Erect hand hygiene stations at both customer & team member entrances, together with signage requiring all persons on entering the building sanitise their hands. Team members must wash hands thoroughly & in accordance with their training, on arrival at work.
  5. Unless travelling alone in a private vehicle, team members must not travel to work in their work clothing. They should change on arrival at work washing hands before & after changing. If changing clothes is impractical, e.g. due to lack of facilities, they should wear outer clothing over their workwear which can be removed on arrival.
  6. Team members must not work at more than one pub. Do not loan staff out to other pubs.


  1. Contractors – You should instruct contractors to attend outside of trading hours when possible. If they are required to attend during trading hours, you should request they do the following:


  1. Make an appointment with Adrian.
  2. Call from car park/street on arrival so that access can be arranged, maintaining social distancing & coming into contact with minimum number of people.
  3. Wear a face covering mask whilst in the building.
  4. Beer deliveries will require access to cellar & then cellar vacated whilst stock is being delivered. Or alternatively social distance whilst delivery takes place. If possible, leave stock for 24hours or more before handling.
  5. Always wear disposable gloves or wash hands after handling newly delivered stock.













Risk Assessment control table: The following table is a checklist for your risk assessment.  If you answer “no” for any item you should provide further information on what alternative actions you are able to take to mitigate the risk.


  Control implemented (please tick Y/N) Yes No If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve
1.0 CUSTOMER      
1.1 Customer encouraged to pre-book tables.


1.2 Walk-ins permitted if tables are available.


1.3 Vertical drinking will not be permitted, although customers may use high tops in bar area. X    
1.4 Put tape on floor parallel to bar to ensure tables & chairs do not encroach within the safe social distance of anyone working behind the bar. X    
1.5 Need to manage door during peak periods to ensure customers are not bunching inside the pub. Queuing at entrance or in car park might be necessary & social distancing may need to be encouraged via the door host. X    
1.6 Trade area must be set up to maintain social distancing, some tables & chairs removed or clearly marked as out of use. X    
1.7 A single customer entrance has been identified with a separate exit door to ensure one-way flow of customers. Signage makes this clear. X    
1.8 Alternative access point may be necessary for persons with impaired mobility. Ensure a plan is in place & team are aware of this. X    
1.9 Customer toilets are managed for single entry or sufficient urinals, hand wash sinks & toilet cubicles are taken out of use to maintain social distancing. X    

Pinch points where social distancing cannot be maintained have been identified & suitable precautions employed.



1.11 If possible, open windows etc. to increase flow of external air into building. X    



  Control implemented (please tick Y/N) Yes No If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve
2.0 TEAM                                                        
2.1 Team members can stagger breaks & take them away from customers or at least maintain social distancing. X    
2.2 Team members have been allocated to specific shift teams. Switching between teams should not take place unless absolutely necessary and only with approval. X    
2.3 Team meetings may only be conducted remotely. Any necessary one to one meeting must observe social distancing. X    
2.4 All team members with a specific workstation. e.g. behind bar or in kitchen, must be set up so that each station is self-sufficient to avoid unnecessary moving around which may compromise social distancing. Staff may occasionally pass each other on the cook-line or behind the bar, but this should be avoided as much as possible. This may mean that only one person is working the bar or one person in the kitchen. X    
2.5 Keep uniforms clean. This gives customers confidence. X    
3.0 BAR SET UP       
3.1 Where possible, all drinks will be served to customers seated at tables. Bar tenders should have their own workspace, including dedicated ice bucket, scoop, fruit & tongs.
These together with any spirit bottles should be cleaned & sanitised at the end of each shift or on change over. If bar is large enough for 2 people, each space should be marked out with floor tape.
4.0 KITCHEN SET UP      
4.1 Social distancing must be maintained in the kitchen. If this is not possible, then only one person to work there. More preparation & cleaning time may be required outside of trading hours. Where more than one person working in kitchen, each must have their own workstation. Do not mark out sections with floor tape, this may become a trip hazard & will become a dirt trap. Ensure each member of kitchen team understands the boundaries of their workstation & that they have their own dedicated utensils, including temperature probe. x





  Control implemented (please tick Y/N) Yes No If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve
4.2 Record here, number who can work in kitchen. Do not include staff collecting food for service.

4.3 Put utensils though pot wash machine between shifts. X    
4.4 Do not share pens when completing due diligence paperwork. X    
4.5 Disposable gloves should be worn for taking in food deliveries & then discarded once this task is complete. Remembering to wash hands after use. X    
4.6 Only one person in walk in storage space at a time. X    
4.7 Do not allow delivery drivers to enter the BOH (Back of House) area. X    
5.1 Should be installed FOH (front of house) and BOH (back of house). X    
5.2 At customer & team member entrance. X    
5.3 Adjacent to working till, one for team & another for customers. X    
5.4 BOH in location for frequent use. X    
6.1 Display signage encouraging customers to use contactless payment or on Order & Pay digital platform if available. X    
6.2 Identify a single till where customers can order & pay for food. Put tape on floor to identify social distancing requirements. X    
6.3 Any operational tills must be protected with a plexiglass screen & hand sanitizing gel. The PDQ machine & printer should be on the customer side of the screen. If plexiglass screen not available, use face visors, or social distancing should be maintained throughout the transaction (amend accordingly). X    
6.4 Any cash transactions should be through the gap in the screen or if no screen ask customer to place cash on the counter and step back following social distancing throughout the transaction (amend accordingly). X   No screen, discourage the use of cash


  Control implemented (please tick Y/N) Yes No If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve
6.5 Customers will be expected to remain seated; food & drink will be taken to their table or if customers are being served drink at the bar social distancing must be observed.  The server moves back from the bar once placing drinks at the collection point (amend accordingly). X    
6.6 Team members will need to be FOH to deliver plated food & drinks to tables & to collect used crockery & glassware. In such circumstances social distancing cannot be maintained. Keep contact time with customers to a minimum. Ensure adequate face masks/coverings are available should team members wish to wear them. X    
7.1 Tables will be left empty between customers. X    
7.2 Cutlery & condiment sachets will be brought to table at same time food is served. X    
7.3 Single use napkins only & disposable sauce sachets. No reusable bottles. X    
7.4 Clear, clean & sanitise tables & chair backs (where customers may have touched them) between each party of customers. X    
7.5 If necessary, return table & chairs to safe distance from others. X    
7.6 Use glass trays to collect empty glasses. Do not put fingers where customers mouths have been. X    
7.7 Always wash hands after clearing tables & glassware. X    
7.8 A pedal bin with close fitting lid, must be provided for staff to dispose of face masks & disposable gloves. X    
8.1 Touching of some surfaces is unavoidable.  Frequent cleaning with suitable sanitizer will kill the virus if it is on the surface x    
8.2 Use your nominated cleaning sanitiser. x    
8.3 Increase frequency of cleaning of all surfaces that are frequently touched. These include door push plates & handles, till buttons, card machines & office keypads, toilet handles & all taps, hand dryers, tables, chairs & AWP machines. During busy periods a dedicated person allocated to this task will increase customer confidence. x    


  Control implemented (please tick Y/N) Yes No If a control has not been employed, what alternative control / actions taken to resolve
8.4 AWPs can continue to be played. Consider fitting a hand sanitiser dispenser to the wall adjacent to machine & applying tape to floor with a reminder that anyone not playing the machine needs to maintain social distance. NA    



I declare this business is compliant with Covid-19 Secure guidelines & can safely trade and I have reviewed the Risk Assessment with each member of my team as outlined below.





By signing I agree and understand the controls that I must follow as outlined in the Risk Assessment above




Mother’s Day Menu